Vital and healthy ageing thanks to Cell Recovery Systems

Staying healthy and vital into old age is everyone’s wish. The CellRecoverysystems has several methods that combat ageing and help maintain youthful vitality.

Regular use of the CellRecoverysystems not only actively works against free radicals that can damage skin cells, among other things, but at the same time works to strengthen the electromagnetic regulation system. Appropriate sound and light frequencies and pleasant infrared heat support the unforgettable anti-ageing experience.

A key mechanism of ageing is free radicals.

A major influence on the condition of the skin are free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can damage other molecules. In the healthy situation, there is a balance between antioxidants and free radicals but numerous conditions such as sunlight, smoking, poorer diet can upset the balance and there are fewer antioxidants than free radicals and ageing of the skin occurs earlier.

The cloud of cold plasma you lie in during a CellRecovery experience is extraordinarily effective in defusing free radicals, thus having a skin-protective and restorative effect.

During a CRS experience, you often experience the Cold Plasma as wonderfully refreshing thanks to the large amount of negative ions, they are the same particles released by a waterfall but in the CRS ColdPlasma application, the amount is much larger!

Life energy is stimulated.

Studies by physician and scientist Dr R. Werner have shown that from the age of 30, life energy diminishes. So much so that at our fiftieth year only % is left.

The reduction of this vital energy affects our ability to recover and promotes ageing.

Thanks to the integrated EMG PERTH system, the electromagnetic control system and thus our life energy are supported. The CellRecoverySystems can be set to be more vitalising or more soothing, as desired.

In both situations, there is an anti-aging and health-supporting effect.

Stress promotes ageing.

Our body is a self-healing system that is not only able to repair damage such as wounds but also maintains tissues by replacing cells.

It can only do this when it is in ‘repair mode’ and it is in repair mode when relaxing.

When the body experiences stress, flight or fight systems are activated, blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate go up, stress hormones are made, and other systems such as food digestion and maintenance and repair come to a standstill.

In today’s times, many people experience stress, many don’t realise it anymore because people are used to it.

The ultimate in anti-ageing relaxation.

With individually adjustable sound, light and infrared programmes, Cell Recovery Systems offers unique combined relaxation in multiple ways.

The sound frequencies can create a profound vibration in the body, the pleasant infrared heat helps relax muscles and the light therapy can take the relaxation to a deeper level.

Cell Recovery systems offers a unique integration
of multiple state-of-the-art techniques for optimal
optimal anti-ageing.


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