Business fitness

Corporate fitness doesn’t always have to be complicated and confusing! With our products and concepts, you as an employer can enjoy satisfied, balanced employees and benefit from them every day.

Motivated, relaxed and healthy employees?

Isn’t that what every company wishes for?
Cellrecovery shows how corporate fitness is easy!

Back pain is the second most common diagnosis for absenteeism. Millions of lost days are due to physical complaints. Many workers have been suffering from physical pain for months or more.

Three quarters of working people report having complaints at least once a year! Absenteeism is expensive. Studies show this: Health promotion measures such as corporate fitness can reduce absenteeism by more than 20%.

You can’t ignore corporate fitness anymore!

We know what your employees need to feel healthy and vital. With our products, we offer you exactly that!

With our equipment, you prevent targeted physical complaints. They relieve and prevent back pain, reduce stress and improve performance, reducing the cost of unnecessary absenteeism.

  • Effective breaks
  • Conceivably simple installation in a limited space
  • Fully autonomous operation by your employees
  • No further staff costs
  • Cost savings through unnecessary absenteeism / fewer sick days
  • Vital, balanced and motivated employees
  • Pleasant workplace atmosphere
  • Increase the attractiveness of your business

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