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A CellRecovery Experience for relaxation and energy

Concentration and alertness are essential in business people but working hours are often unregulated and long stressful workdays occur.

Om alert en fit te blijven en snel en doelmatig de stress kwijt te raken is een CellRecovery Ervaring optimaal.

The five integrated and coordinated wellness systems do their work in half an hour.

Cold Plasma eliminates the abundance of free radicals and helps rebalance the body and mind.

The unique electromagnetic system (PERTH) supports through optionally relaxing or activating information signals.

The Far Infra Red, through its pleasant deep warmth, helps to improve blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscle tensions that sometimes even unconsciously cause hindrance

The application of photons in the light therapy can be chosen either stimulating or relaxing.

The sound therapy completes the CellRecovery Experience, a relaxing music can be listened to or deep-acting singing bowl sounds as desired.


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