Cold plasma for CRS

The cold plasma is generated by several high-voltage electrodes in the CRS.

The entire surrounding area is completely ionized. The ionization and the resulting electric field increase the microcirculation in the upper skin tissue. The cold plasma causes a germ reduction of viruses, bacteria and fungi, which has a deep cleansing effect on the skin and promotes healthy cell division. The skin is also oxygenated and looks fresher, firmer and younger.

Ions are formed in nature, e.g. at waterfalls.

Ions are constantly formed naturally in the atmosphere, e.g., by electrical discharges (lightning), the action of solar radiation, the spray of waves, waterfalls, and other natural processes.

Artificially generated negative ions

Ions can also be generated artificially. In this case, natural processes are simulated. An example of this type of ion generation is the so-called cold plasma process.

This is used in the CellRecoverySystems. The cold plasma process is used to generate negative oxygen ions in concentrations of up to 70,000 per cubic centimeter of air.


The Cell Recovery System generates 70,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. That is more than a waterfall, here 50,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter are generated.

Cell Recovery systems - device machine
CellRecoverySystems uses cold plasma to generate ions. Cold plasma ionization refers to the generation of ions by cold plasma. It is referred to as “cold” because no heat is generated during plasma generation. Small flashes are generated at short intervals in the ionization module of the instrument. This means that permanent electrical discharges occur. In this way, high quantities of ions are constantly generated, which, on the one hand, rid the air of pathogens and, on the other hand, have a health-promoting effect.

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