EMG PERTH magnetic field therapy

An optimized indication of more than 8000 body-specific frequencies is generated as a body-specific melody.

The coil arrangement is optimized for the whole body in the lying surface.

To support the CellRecoverySystems session, a home treatment with the EMG PERTH system is recommended.

Individual advice is provided for the home treatment so that you can be assured of the optimal benefit.

Studies and scientific articles on the general biological effects of stimulation treatments like PEMF

  1. Circulation in the blood vessels is optimised and blood flow is accelerated (arteries, capillaries, veins). Inactive capillaries at rest are opened by 12-18% according to Lau, Ludwig, Smirnova, Thuile, Terossian, Warnke, Werner.
  2. The heart delivers more blood per unit time, which improves blood flow Bassett, Gilinskaya, Käs, Kelinskeia, Ludwig, Pelka, Sorokina, Warnke.
  3. The partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) in the tissue increases significantly, by an average of 20 Torr, and the increase in pO2 can last up to 5 hours according to Kordjukov, Lau, Martin, Stemme, Warnke, Werner.
  4. The membrane gates of the cell walls open and facilitate the inflow and outflow of ions. This significantly improves cellular nutrition Cain, Degen, Fitzsimmons, Tabrah, Warnke.
  5. The metabolism (the metabolic rate) is thus balanced towards the norm according to John, Werner
  6. Cell growth and cell differentiation in certain organelle types are influenced by the norm. Cell growth is therefore not stimulated at random, but organ-specific cells multiply better according to Janata, Markov, Warnke, Werner.
  7. Biological energy is regulated according to norms in every respect (up/down, right/left, yin/yang and within the meridians: measurements with BioGraph, gas discharge visualisation according to Korotkov and Prognos) according to Werner.
  8. The clumping of the red blood cells, the so-called rouleaux formation (according to Lau, Münch, Thuile, Werner) is eliminated.
  9. The blood viscosity changes towards the norm, which has an antithrombotic effect (according to Baychev, Degen, Ieran, Kelinskeia, Kordjukov, Lau, Thuile, Warnke, Werner).
  10. Lymph flow is optimised and oedema (tissue swelling) is significantly reduced (according to Halmos, Markov, Pasynkov, Rodari, Toroptsev, Warnke, Werner, Zhukov).
  11. Electroconstriction, i.e. the rapid contraction and dilatation of small blood vessels in the longitudinal axis at about 200 Hz, causes a vibration effect and thus a micromassage of the matrix between the organelles (Warnke)
  12. Increased production of nitric oxide (NO – endothelial-derived relaxing factor) has been demonstrated; in 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the discovery of the vasodilatory effect of NO (after Warnke).
  13. Breathing deepens after just one minute through discrete stimulation of the respiratory centre (John, Werner).
  14. The respiratory minute volume is significantly increased (Bassett, Ludwig, John, Warnke, Werner).
  15. They stimulate general and specific tissue regeneration by mimicking action potential currents in the body with a specific control signal. The action potential electrically triggers regeneration and healing, as reported in Science 10/1994 (Bassett, Degen, Lechner, Markov, Petzold, Werner).
  16. When using the Body Regenerator, nerve regeneration is accelerated by 50% per day compared to normal nerve regeneration (Bassett, Borgen, Degen, Gilinskaya, Karaleeva, Markov, Milch, Werner).
  17. White blood cells (T-lymphocytes) and large macrophages are stimulated and the immune system is strengthened (Markov, Moshaev, Khamaganova, Tiuriaeva, Thuile, Warnke, Werner).
  18. The intake of protein amino acids increases (Passath, Warnke).
  19. Increased protein accumulation (DNA 20%, globulins 60%, RNA) has been repeatedly described in the literature and is also activated by the Test Regenerator (Bassett, Degen, Lechner, Markov, Warnke).
  20. The production of collagen (gelatine) is increased – collagen inhibits or prevents the proliferation of bacteria and cancer cells by improving the adhesion of organelles to each other (according to Degen, Markov, Warnke).
  21. The production of prostaglandins increases by 57% – these substances normalise the regulatory complex of the autonomic nervous system (according to Warnke).
  22. The activation of lysozyme exceeds 100 % – lysozyme breaks down the bacterial wall and acts like an “armour-piercing weapon” (according to Warnke).
  23. The body’s own production of 11-hydrocorticosteroids as natural anti-inflammatory agents is increased (according to Warnke).
  24. Allergic skin reactions are alleviated (according to Lenz, Dobzanskiy, Warnke, Werner).
  25. Kidney formation in bulging scars is significantly reduced (Degen, Karaleeva, Markov).
  26. In diabetics, blood glucose levels may drop after treatment with Test Regenerator. Therefore, blood glucose levels in diabetics should initially be monitored before and after treatment (Bassett, Hess, Ludwig, Werner).
  27. The cellular aggressiveness of T lymphocytes (immune protection cells) is reduced by 20% compared to other T lymphocytes in the body – which has a favourable effect on autoimmune diseases (Ludwig, Warnke, Werner)
  28. The optimised pulsed electromagnetic field has a virucidal effect, i.e. it kills viruses (Boeduel, Herrmann, Werner).
  29. The optimised signals of the Body Regenerator have a pain-relieving and calming effect: they give energy in the morning and promote sleep in the evening (Bassett, Goliakov, Grüner, Hansen, Rodari, Warnke, Werner).

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