Cell Recovery Systems

Unique combination treatments to support and restore health, wellness and anti-aging

World premiere 2024!


Cold plasma

Among other things, the ionized molecules have a unique anti oxidative effect.


The integrated EMG PERTH according to Dr. Werner plays a melody of electromagnetic frequencies.

Far Infra Red

Deeply relaxing and circulation-enhancing effects of the FIR .

Light Theraphy

Light therapy from thousands of light sources for the individually appropriate program.


In the form of sounds or musical fragments that you hear and can feel.

The ultimate anti-aging and more!

CellRecoverySystems supports anti-aging processes and the immune system in an extraordinary way with five integrated and proven methods!

From 1 April 2024, it is possible to reserve a CellRecoverySystem for your company or for yourself!

Contact us via email: CRS@Cellrecoverystems.info

CellRecoverySystems offers opportunities for every business!

Unique total relaxation or vitalization while staying at your resort!
In office complexes so that business people stay fit and focused.
Supplement to luxury fitness centers
Supporting recovery and pain reduction in rehabilitation
In clinics and hospitals to support recovery, relaxation and to reduce inflammation
Optimal physical performance and concentration every day is a necessity for professional athletes.

The performance-enhancing and recovery-enhancing properties of a CellRecoverySystems come into their own in every sports complex and professional sports club!

Relaxation and anti-aging in optima forma at the wellness spa!

Treat yourself to the very best complete vitalization and anti-aging device in the world, at home and certainly on vacation!

The ultimate wellness experience that helps maintain and restore your health.

Growing old young and healthy, who doesn’t want that!


On vacation

More information

Experience the world’s most complete wellness device as one of the first! Starting June 1 in 2024 at the Euregio CellRecovery Center.

In the center of the Euregio in Germany on the border with the Netherlands, the world’s first CellRecovery Center will open its doors in 2024!


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