Staying young while aging

Fit, energetic and healthy thanks to a regular CRS experience

The optimal wellness experience for your visitors and guests

The CellRecoverySystems allows people to experience a unique wellness experience thanks to the combination of the five integrated systems.

The five different systems are combined according to the guest’s desire. For example, a vitalizing or a relaxing session can be chosen.

For people with special requests, there is the possibility of setting all five options individually or not using some systems.

In this way, an optimal combination is always possible.


For people who want to book a series of experiences, there is the possibility to record the data of the person and the program combination in the software. This way, you do not lose time in inquiring and checking program specifications.


For safety, the contraindications are recorded in the system. Only after entering that there are no contra indications is it possible to start the system.


A very important cause of aging is oxidative stress, the damage caused by free radicals. Cold Plasma has an enormous neutralizing capacity for free radicals. It produces more than 70,000 ions per cm3! That’s much more than in a waterfall!

In addition to defusing free radicals, it conditions the skin with deeply penetrating oxygen.


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